Gerson Therapy For Cancer By Using Coffee Enema

The Gerson Therapy claims to know the secret to effectively cure and prevent cancer. It is a multi-system approach consisting of strict diet practices, juicing and coffee enemas.

The Gerson coffee enema is an integral part of the treatment process as it offers a host of health benefits. If you want to know more about Gerson coffee enemas read on!

Why is coffee enema important step of Gerson Therapy to healing?

The Gerson Therapy is not complete if you take out the coffee enema. It’s a crucial component that compliments juicing and strict dietary guidelines.

Flooding the body with nutrients through juicing leads to the elimination of toxins into the bloodstream. This natural detoxification process can take a toll on the liver. For cancer patients, who are already suffering from great deal of painful symptoms, failure to flush out these wastes from the body can be detrimental to their wellbeing. This is where coffee enema enters the picture!

Coffee enemas play an important role in improving the lung’s capacity to filter blood, leading to increased output of toxins from the liver.

Yet another benefit of the Gerson coffee enema is that it stimulates peristalsis- a process that facilitates the movement of food along the gastrointestinal canal, thus promoting regular bowel movement.

The Gerson coffee enema is also highly recommended for healthy individuals. People who have long been suffering from chronic constipation may use Gerson coffee enemas to decongest and trigger healthy and safe bowel elimination without the use of medications.

Thousands of positive feedbacks from Gerson Therapy advocates tell us that coffee enemas aren’t just for cancer patients, as healthy individuals can experience wellness benefits from conducting this types of detox at least once a week.

Coffee enemas are sold almost everywhere these days. The popularity of the coffee enema can be contributed to the wellness changes that it has provided to its regular users. If you want to try this detox method, make sure to consult with your doctor first!